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Thursday 4th June 2020

09:30 Thursday 4th

Hall 1 09:00 → 10:30

  • Michelle Nisolle The interest of myomas imaging before surgery
  • Stefano Guerriero Leiomyomas: ultrasound features associate to benign or malignant lesions
  • Marc Bazot Are there MRI features to diagnose atypical uterine myomas?
  • Q&A

11:15 Thursday 4th

Hall 1 11:15 → 13:15

  • Dirk Timmerman Ultrasound diagnosis of adenomyosis
  • Margit Dueholm MRI criteria of adenomyosis
  • Stephan Gordts Histological classifications of adenomyosis and the interest of adenomyosis imaging before surgery
  • Q&A

13:00 Thursday 4th

Hall 1 Lunch break 13:15 → 14:00


11:15 Thursday 4th

Hall 1 14:15 → 16:30

  • Stephan Gordts Hysteroscopic assestment in infertile patients: the interest of uterine cavity and tubal imaging before surgery
  • Caterina Exacoustos 2D and 3D Ultrasound evaluation of the ovary and criteria to diagnose PCO
  • Lucia Lazzeri Evaluation of the tube and tubal patency
  • Q&A

15:30 Friday 5th

Hall 1 15:30 →17.30

  • Practice on working stations: ultra sound Machines, phantoms, computers with 3D volume elaborations and videos . Uterine cavity assessment, Myometrial evaluation

Friday 5th June 2020

08:30 Friday 5th

Hall 1 08:30 → 10:00

  • Antoine Watrelot Surgical strategies in the treatment of deep endometriosis
  • Margit Dueholm Diagnosis deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE): MRI evaluation
  • Caterina Exacoustos Diagnosis deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE): Ultrasound staging
  • Q&A

10:45 Friday 5th

Hall 1 10:45 → 12:45

  • Linda Tebache Best surgical approach to endometrioma
  • Stefano Guerriero Endometrioma ultrasound features and cancer risk
  • Andrea Genazzani Medical treatment in different ages of the disease
  • Q&A

13:00 Friday 5th

Hall 1 Lunch break 13:00 → 14:00


14:00 Friday 5th

Hall 1 14:00 → 15:30

  • Dirk Timmerman Managing ovarian masses: how to classify masses using IOTA terminology, rules and models
  • Michelle Nisolle Laparoscopic treatment of adnexal masses difficulties and complications: role of imaging in presurgical work up
  • Q&A

15:30 Friday 5th

Hall 1 15:30 →17.30

  • Cases of Adnexal masses / Pelvic endometriosis Videos


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